Who is CSS From Scratch for?

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CSS From Scratch will be a book that teaches you how to write CSS from day zero, which means that I presume that you’ve never opened a CSS file before.

It’s important to start from the basics because a lot of misinformation around CSS and early perceptions of it can be undone really early if we start from scratch. We’ll also only worry about modern CSS and future CSS, instead of worrying about legacy browsers. This is all made possible by approaching CSS with progressive enhancement in mind.

This all also means that the book will be useful for people that already work with CSS but want to brush up on their skills.

Topics covered permalink

The outline isn’t ready yet and I will publish it when it is, but in the meantime, here’s a rough list of topics:

  • What CSS is and how it works
  • Layout
  • Positioning
  • Colour
  • Semantic HTML
  • Accessibility
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Custom properties
  • Functions and maths
  • Animation and transitions
  • Gradients, shadows and design flair
  • Componentisation and structural methodologies
  • CSS and JavaScript
  • Performance

The end goal permalink

I don’t expect that you’ll be a CSS expert after reading the book, but instead, I expect that you’ll have a very solid baseline skill-level to further your learning from other great resources out there.

In keeping with my short-lived sub-career as a university lecturer, I’ll be sprinkling the book with references to some of our greatest CSS writer’s work to give you extra opportunities to deep-dive. It’ll also have a reading list of books that I love that I think you’ll benefit from.

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