Day Zero

— 2 minute read

I ran a survey on Twitter to half-validate an idea that’s been swimming around in my head for a while. I love CSS and I love teaching, so I thought “I know, I’ll make a book!”

There are already tonnes of incredible CSS resources out there such as Grid by Example, Layout Land, CSS IRL and of course, CSS-Tricks, amongst many others. The aim is to compliment these resources by providing the starting material for someone who’s never written a line of CSS before, or someone who really struggles to get it, so here I am today, declaring that I’ll self-publish a new book in 2020.

I co-author a CSS book with my pal, Heydon, called Every Layout, and we’re still working super hard on lots of new content for it. That’s part of the reason why this book will be next year, so I can still properly focus on Every Layout. The other part is that there’s a lot of work to do and so far, all I have is a pretty empty looking page in Notion.

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